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911 call backfires when boyfriend lands behind bars

Jeffrey Sweeney
Jeffrey Sweeney

A Leesburg man called 911 Wednesday morning claiming that his girlfriend had attacked him in a jealous rage, but he was the one who ended up behind bars.

Jeffrey Sweeney, 25, told the dispatcher that his girlfriend had accused him of sleeping with another woman, according to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. He said she threw his laptop at him and pointed a taser at him before leaving with her mother.

Sweeney stuck to his original story when deputies arrived, but later claimed he and his girlfriend had only been involved in a verbal altercation.

When deputies interviewed the girlfriend, she showed them a large scratch on her neck, abrasions on both arms and her clothing was wet and covered with dirt and grass.

She said her on-again off-again relationship with Sweeney had suffered due to his heroin addiction. She said she received a call from Sweeney the previous night and he claimed he needed to detox from drugs, but did not want to do so at a treatment facility. He asked her to stay with him that night and she agreed to do so. She woke at 4 a.m. and discovered that he had left with her money and phone. She called her cell phone and demanded he return her phone and money. He came back, but would not return her items. She said during a struggle, he threw her to the ground.

Sweeney was arrested on a charge of domestic battery and booked at Lake County Jail. Bond was set at $2,000.

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