Home Crime Burglary suspects caught after victim snaps picture of getaway car

Burglary suspects caught after victim snaps picture of getaway car

Rebecca Braswell
Rebecca Braswell
Chazarra Lindsey
Chazzarra Lindsey

Two suspected burglars landed behind bars after a Leesburg homeowner took a picture of their getaway car and license plate before they took off.

Chazzarra Lindsey, 33, of Leesburg, and Rebecca Braswell, 19, of Sumterville, were arrested at 2:45 p.m. Tuesday at the Circle K at 900 S. 14th St.

Deputies found the pair’s car at the gas station while searching for suspects shortly after the burglary.

The victim told police she was pulling up to her house in the 2100 block of Edgewood Road when she saw a man dressed in green breaking into a front window while a woman sat waiting in a silver Volkswagen parked in her driveway.  The homeowner started yelling at the burglar, who “ran out of the front door and got into the silver Volkswagen and fled the residence,” the arrest affidavit states.

After spotting the getaway vehicle at the gas station, police found the two suspects inside along with another passenger. Lindsey and Braswell were soon positively identified by the victim and taken into custody.

When questioned, the pair acknowledged being at the victim’s home, but Linsdey told police they were “only there to smoke a blunt,” according to the affidavit.

The two were being held at the Lake County Jail on felony burglary and criminal mischief charges.

Braswell’s bond was set at $6,000. Lindsey is being held without bond due to pending drug possession charges for which he had been released on bond four days earlier.

A court date for the pair is set for Sept. 8.