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Leesburg woman arrested on charge of child abuse

April Moore
April Moore

A Leesburg woman was arrested on a charge of child abuse after allegedly punching a minor during an argument.

April Moore, 37, was in the process of trying to move the family back to her native North Carolina around 8 p.m. Friday when the altercation took place at their home at 61 Sapphire Lane.  According to an arrest report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Moore punched the female minor victim twice in the stomach after the girl struck her in the chest to stop Moore from taking her and two other minors away because the girl thought Moore was too drunk to drive.

Police say Moore’s breath smelled of alcohol, her speech was slurred, and she stumbled when she walked. Under questioning, Moore acknowledged having had about four beers.

Due to state law protecting the identity of child abuse victims, Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. John Herrell could not confirm if Moore is the mother of the three children.

Moore was booked into Lake County Jail on third degree felony charges, including a charge of neglect for attempting to drive minors while intoxicated. She was released Sunday on $10,000 bail and is due in court Aug. 9.

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