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Leesburg senior citizen jailed after two-day spat over money

Irvin Clyde Roberts
Irvin Clyde Roberts

A 72-year-old Leesburg man is accused of battering his wife during two days of arguing over financial matters.

A Leesburg Police officer responded May 12 to a residence on Santy Williams Road, where the victim said she and Irvin Clyde Roberts had been arguing since May 10 about their financial status and that it got physical at times. During the interview, the officer noticed numerous bruises and discoloration marks on both of her arms. The victim’s right wrist was also in a brace, according to the police report.

The victim said over the course of two days, Roberts forcefully pushed her around the house, grabbing her arms and hands and throwing her into the ground. She said at times Roberts fell on top of her, injuring her further. The victim said the bruises behind her upper left arm, which appeared fresher than the other injuries, were caused earlier in the morning when Roberts forcefully grabbed her, the report said.

The victim said Roberts also grabbed and twisted her right arm, requiring her to wear a wrist brace. She said Roberts was away of his previous battery convictions and instead of punching her, he grabbed her because he didn’t know that also constituted battery. The victim said due to their financial problems, she was in the process of moving items to the front yard in hopes of having a yard sale, according to the report.

Roberts wan uncooperative during an interview with the officer and kept talking with his sister on his cell phone instead of speaking with law enforcement. The officer observed a small laceration on the right side of Roberts’ head and a small laceration to one of the toes on his left foot. Roberts initially said he didn’t know how he sustained the injuries but later said they may have been caused by the victim hitting him on the head with a wine bottle, the report said.

The victim later said while she was throwing items out of the residence, Roberts kept getting in the way of the items being thrown, trying to stop her, according to the report.

Roberts was charged with two counts of simple domestic battery (second or subsequent offense) and taken to the Lake County Jail, where he is being held on $10,000 bond. Robers is set to appear in Lake County Court on June 7.

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