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Leesburg man charged with preventing 911 call by sick woman

Scott Alan Chancey

A Leesburg man is accused of taking the cell phone away from a sick woman to keep her from calling 911 to report a verbal altercation that was escalating.

Scott Alan Chancey, 53, was charged with depriving the use of 911 in connection with the incident, which happened shortly after midnight March 24 at the residence where he and the victim live on Shriver Street.

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy responded to the home after a 911 call was received from a relative of the victim who said the victim had texted her saying, “call the police.” The family member, whose relation to the victim was redacted in the sheriff’s office report, said she tried to call the victim but didn’t receive an answer, so she contacted law enforcement, according to the report.

The family member said she was on the phone with the victim earlier and Chancey was arguing with her, the report said.

Upon arrival at the incident location, the deputy heard a man talking loudly and it sounded like an argument. Chancey answered the door and let the deputy inside. The victim was sitting in a recliner. She said she had just gotten out of the hospital after having major stomach surgery and could not move well, according to the report.

The victim said she was on the phone with her relative and Chancey didn’t want her talking to her, so he took the cell phone and threw it to the other side of the room. While the deputy was speaking with the victim, Chancey admitted to throwing the phone, the report said.

The victim said right before Chancey took the phone, she told him she was calling the police. She said because Chancey threw the phone, she was unable to call law enforcement. The victim said she did not want to write a statement or press charges, but she said Chancey needs anger management, according to the report.

Due to Chancey admitting to throwing the victim’s cell phone after she said she was calling law enforcement, he was placed under arrest and taken to the Lake County Jail. He was released Thursday on $1,000 bond and is due to appear in Lake County Court on April 19.

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