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Health inspector forces Lake Square Mall eatery to shut down over roach issue

A pizza restaurant inside the Lake Square Mall was shut down for three days recently after a health inspector found live roaches and inspects in the eatery’s kitchen.

The health inspector ordered Mamma’s Pizzeria to close down at 3:12 p.m. on Jan. 12 after citing 18 violations – three high priority, four intermediate and 11 basic. The high-priority violations centered on a live roaches found on the floor in the kitchen area, next to a soda bag in a shelving unit and in compartment sinks, as well as a small flying insect on a wall next to a hand-washing sink. The third high-priority violation involved an issue with time/temperature control for food safety, according to a report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Mamma’s Pizzeria, located in the Lake Square Mall, was recently shut down by a health inspector after 18 violations were reported – three of which were deemed to be high-priority issues.

The health inspector also cited three intermediate violations. Those included:

  • A slicer blade guard was soiled with old food debris in a back kitchen area;
  • The manger or person in charge lacked proof of food manager certification; and
  • An issue with time/temperature control for safety food.

The 11 basic violations included:

  • 20 dead roaches were found throughout the eatery;
  • A ceiling tile was missing over a swinging door and in the break area;
  • A three-compartment sink was exposed to spillage and not sealed to adjoining equipment/walls;
  • The exterior of plastic containers on a clean storage shelf were no longer smooth and cleanable;
  • Multiple holes in a wall in the back area of the restaurant;
  • Reach-in cooler shelves covered with rust and pitted surfaces;
  • Soil residue buildup on the exterior of a freezer chest, mixer and reach-in cooler;
  • Soiled wiping clothes stored on the floor;
  • A wall soiled with accumulated black debris in a dishwashing area;
  • A wall soiled with accumulated grease, food debris and/or dust throughout the front and back areas of the restaurant; and
  • A large plastic container on a shelf with a white powdery substance inside it that wasn’t labeled.

The eatery remained closed on Jan. 13 when the health inspector reported 14 violations – one high priority, three intermediate and 10 basic. Those included continued issues with roaches, the report says.

The eatery also remained closed on Jan. 15 when the inspector paid another visit and reported nine violations – one high priority, one intermediate and seven basic. Issues with roaches continued to be the biggest problem.

The health inspector returned a second time on Jan. 15 and the restaurant was finally allowed to reopen at 3:19 p.m. The inspector still found eight violations – one intermediate and seven basic – but the issue with the roaches had been corrected, the report shows.

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