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Leesburg Police officers lauded for saving gunshot victim’s life

Three Leesburg Police officers are being praised for quick actions that saved the life of a gunshot victim last week.

From left, Senior Officer Kyle Hobbs, Sgt. Travis Whitley and Cpl. Gus Escalante

Officers responded to the Lee Motel, located at 201 S. 14th St., where a woman had been shot in the chest. When they arrived, Sgt. Travis Whitley and Senior Officer Kyle Hobbs focused their efforts on rendering aid to the woman while other officers secured the scene, a Leesburg Police report states.

Whitley, a cross-trained medic, recognized the severity of the victim’s injuries and performed a life-saving decompression technique. He also realized there was no time to waste in transporting the victim to advanced life support.

Leesburg Police officers were called to the Lee Motel last week after a woman suffered a gunshot wound to the chest.

Whitley, Hobbs and Cpl. Gus Escalante quickly loaded the woman into a patrol vehicle and transported her to Leesburg Regional Medical Center – within minutes of receiving the call for help. After five days of intensive medical attention, the woman was reported on Monday to be in stable condition, the report says, adding that physicians complimented the officers for their swift life-saving actions.

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