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Vomiting Leesburg woman jailed after bloodied guy pal suffers stab wound

Teresa Ann Jordan

A Leesburg woman was jailed Monday after a violent tiff with her man friend over cigarettes and an alleged video of her vomiting on their four-month-old baby.

Leesburg Police officers on Nov. 3 responded to an apartment at 1407 Old Harbor Boulevard and spoke with 34-year-old Teresa Ann Jordan, who identified herself with a New York driver’s license. The victim had just been transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center with scratches to his face; a bite wound on his right hand; a large horizontal, deep knife wound to the area under his left armpit and a puncture wound to his outer left forearm, a Leesburg Police report states.

Jordan told officers that she and the victim had been drinking the night before and she had asked him to ride his bicycle to the Circle K minimart on the corner of U.S. Hwy. 27 and Dixie Avenue to purchase a pack of cigarettes, two Four Loko alcoholic beverages and a four-pack of Hurricane Malt Liquor. She said at some point she went to the bathroom and felt ill to her stomach, so she laid down and dozed off. She said she woke up a short time later and vomited, then fell back asleep, the report says.

She said she then went to the bathroom to smoke a cigarette and when she came out, the victim was “on the bed pretending to be asleep.” She said she knew he wasn’t asleep because they had just argued about the cigarettes. She said she eventually got the victim to get off the bed so she could wash the sheets, the report says.

Jordan claimed that the victim “shoulder checked” her on the way to the living room. She said the arguing continued when he told her she had vomited on their sleeping infant and he had video of it on his phone. She said she followed the victim around the house telling him, “Show me the video,” the report says.

At some point during the argument, Jordan said, she followed the victim into the kitchen where he picked up a knife from the sink, reached behind his shoulder and pointed it at her. She said the argument then moved into the dining room area, where the victim “swung on me” and they started “tussling,” the report says.

Jordan said at one point she thought both of her bottom teeth were knocked out. She said the victim ran into the bedroom and attempted to lock the door but she was able to get into the room. She said she didn’t want the victim “to do anything to the baby because he was mad” at her.

Jordan said the two then got into a physical altercation and she was trying to get the knife away from the victim. She said she believed that’s how she suffered a small cut on her hand and the victim was cut in the side. She also said she got control of the knife and threw it into a pile of boxes in the corner of the living room to hide it from the victim, the report says.

Jordan said the victim ran back into the bedroom and locked the door, but she was able to break through it. She said the victim them ran into the bathroom yelling, “You stabbed me, you stabbed me.” She said that’s when she called 911 for help.

Officers spoke with the victim at the hospital and he told them Jordan had been “chug a luggin” the alcohol and he told her to slow down. He claimed she got drunk, vomited in the bedroom and got some on their baby. He said he videoed the incident on his phone and then after Jordan went to bed, he stayed up with their baby until 2 a.m. watching cartoons.

The victim said Jordan woke up between 5-5:30 a.m., jumped out of bed and ordered him to get out of bed for “messing up the covers.” He said Jordan told him to leave the residence but he said he wasn’t going to ride his bike in the dark and would leave later in the morning, the report says.

He said Jordan responded, “No, you gonna get out now” and started attacking him by scratching his face with her fingernails and biting his right hand. He said Jordan is “a lot taller, bigger and stronger than he is,” and she pinned him up against a door in the kitchen. He said he told Jordan to let him go and when she refused, he pulled her hair. He said he then got loose, ran into the bedroom and attempted to lock the door but Jordan broke through it with a knife in her hand and he fell backwards onto the bed, according to the report.

The victim claimed Jordan swung the knife at him and missed but eventually stabbed him in the upper left side of his body after he ran into the bathroom. He said he started to bleed and was slipping in the blood as he tried to keep her from coming into the bathroom after catching her arm in the door. The victim said he then sprayed witch hazel at her to get her away from the door, the report says.

The victim said Jordan called 911 and was yelling at him while she was on the phone and “continuing to try and stab him through the crack in the door.” He said he eventually heard officers at the door and she left him in the bathroom.

Jordan was taken into custody late Monday afternoon and transported to the Leesburg Police Department for processing. She was then transferred to the Lake County Jail and charged with aggravated battery on a person using a deadly weapon. She was released early Tuesday afternoon on $4,000 bond and is due court Dec. 7 at 8:30 a.m. to answer to the charge, jail records show.

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