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Friday, October 23, 2020

Leesburg man jailed after topless woman flees apartment in love triangle battle

Robert Quin Curry

A Leesburg man found himself behind bars early Sunday morning after a nasty battle with his shaken lady friend who ran from an apartment partially nude.

Lake County sheriff’s deputies spoke with the victim, who fled from the apartment in the 33200 block of Ryan Drive. She appeared “visibly shaken” and was unable to stop crying. She wasn’t wearing a top and was accompanied by her son, a sheriff’s office report states.

The victim said she had been in a physical altercation inside the apartment with 29-year-old Robert Quin Curry. She said the argument started because Curry thought she was having an affair with another man. She said she tried to “comfort and calm” Curry but he pushed her onto the floor and she struck her head, the report says.

The victim also told deputies that Curry was holding their son and she asked him to release the child, which he did. The victim said Curry then placed both of his hands around her neck and choked her to the point of restricting her normal breathing, the report says, adding that she lost consciousness for an unknown period of time.

The victim said when she regained consciousness, Curry was dragging her on the floor by her hair. She said he eventually released her and she stood up and told him she was leaving their apartment. She said Curry responded with, “No, because I know you’re going to call the cops.” She also said that he threatened to kill her if she left the residence and she was afraid of losing her life, the report says.

The victim said she tried to call law enforcement for help on her cell phone but Curry snatched it away from her. She said he then broke the device, which initially prevented her from calling law enforcement for help.

The victim said she tried to leave the residence again but Curry punched her in the rib cage area. She said he forcefully removed her shirt, threw it at her and ordered her to leave the apartment. She said Curry told her he would avoid being apprehend by law enforcement and she went to multiple neighbors’ homes to call for help, the report says.

Deputies noted that the victim had multiple bruises on her body. She was then provided with a domestic violence packet and a victim’s rights brochure. She was evaluated by medics from Lake EMS and transported to UF Health Leesburg Hospital, the report says.

Curry told deputies he had run into the victim at Wal-Mart after not seeing her for about six months due to “possibly having a no-victim contact order in place.” He said he was missing his son and the victim told him he could come to her apartment to spend time with the child, the report says.

Curry also told deputies that later that night he “felt uncomfortable” and tried to negotiate with the victim to leave the child with him overnight. He said an argument ensued about him possibly cheating on her with another woman and a physical altercation broke out when he tried to “move her out of his way,” the report says.

Curry, who also had multiple scratches on his body, was placed under arrest and transported to the Lake County Jail. He was charged with domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and deprivation of 911. He was being held on no bond and is due in court Oct. 19 at 8:30 a.m.

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