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Leesburg converts intersections into four-way stops to improve safety

New four-way stop signs have been installed at the intersection of W Meadow Street and N 3rd Street in downtown Leesburg.

Two intersections in the downtown area of Leesburg are being converted into four-way stops to address safety and traffic concerns.

On Jan. 7, members of the city’s Public Works Department installed four-way stops signs at the intersection of West Meadow Street and North 3rd Street. Temporary warning lights were put in place by the new signs on 3rd Street to serve as an additional notice of the change for motorists. The lights will remain there for about a month.

Effective Tuesday, Jan. 21, the crossing at West Magnolia and South 9th Street will be converted to a four-way stop. Temporary flashing warning lights also will be used at the new signs on the 9th Street sides of this intersection to help ensure all traffic is aware of the change.

Everyone is encouraged to use extra caution while navigating these areas as motorists and pedestrians learn the new traffic patterns. For questions or additional information, contact Deputy Director of Public Works Neil Gaines at (352) 435-9442.

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