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Tavares-based seaplane manufacturer rents two hangars at Leesburg airport

The Leesburg City Commission agreed Monday night to rent two hangars at Leesburg International Airport to a Tavares-based seaplane manufacturer.

The agreement is with Progressive Aerodyne Inc., which makes two models – Adventure and Elite – of the SeaRey S-LSA seaplane. Both received airworthiness certificates from the Federal Aviation Administration in 2014.

Progressive Aerodyne Inc., which makes two models of the SeaRey S-LSA seaplane, has agreed to rent two hangars at Leesburg International Airport.

The first hangar will be used to service the factory-built aircraft. The second one will use for a painting aircraft parts and a screen-printing operation. The company also is proposing to add a mobile office with air conditioning onto the first hangar.

The free-standing paint booth and mixing room in the second hangar will be a certified fire-rated container. The existing lighting in that hangar also will be augmented with LED fixtures. All improvements will be approved by the city’s building and/or fire department prior to installation and/or use.

While the standard rental agreement for the hangar is for one year and storage only, the terms have been revised to five years and will allow very specific commercial activity at the airport.

Progressive Aerodyne and its customers also will be frequent users of the airport’s seaplane ramp. Leesburg invested $3.3 million in the ramp and dock facility, with $1 million of that coming in grants from the Florida Department of Transportation and Lake County. To date, the seaplane ramp is used an average of 11 times per month.

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